Friday Photo: The Amazing Starfish

Starfish (Asteroidea)

During a recent trip to Northern California, a WishGardener caught some great photos of some extraordinary sea life, thanks to a record low tide. Feeling intrigued by these brightly colored sea creatures, she did a little asking around and found out some interesting facts about the starfish.

One such fact is that if a starfish loses a limb it simply grows a new one. An even more amazing occurrence is that if a starfish is chopped into pieces, each piece can grow a whole new starfish. Scientists have been studying the creature hoping to find out whether the limb-regrowing abilities of the starfish could hold the secret to human renewal.

Scientists also believe the slimy goo that covers a starfish could hold the key to finding new treatment for inflammatory conditions such as asthma, hay fever and arthritis.

Pretty amazing stuff for a creature with no brain!

Text and photo by Anna Hunziker.


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