Thunder, Lightning, Fireworks and our Animals…it must be July!

A massive lightning storm came through Boulder last night, one of several in the past few weeks, and according to the forecast one of many to come.  As I sat outside last night mesmerized by the rumbles, I thought that perhaps this was Mother Nature reminding us that she was the originator of fireworks, and our Independence Day celebrations don’t have anything on her light displays.  While pondering this thought, a boom loud enough to shake the windows roared across the sky, and I was brought back to earth when the dog came running to my side.  Then I realized what July memories I have the most of…trying to calm my terror-ridden pets.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous different remedies to alleviate their anxiety, during fireworks, storms, and everyday events like me leaving them behind while I go to the grocery store.  I never really found anything that worked all that well, and don’t get me started on the products that just sedated them past reality.  Well, thanks to WishGarden I have the remedy for my poor critters, and hopefully you’ll have just as much success using it with yours.

WishGarden Herbs’s Emotional Ally was originally formulated to be used during those “Storms of Life.”  The remedy is all about using anxiety comforting and emotionally supportive herbs to center, ground, and help deal with stress.  We like to think about the formula being more focused on those gripping emotions, where you really feel it in your solar plexus—grief, anxiety, fragility, feeling like the world is pressing in, broken heart, fright, terror, etc.  All those things that your animals (and yourself) might be feeling during one of many “Storms of Life.”  When I take this formula I immediately feel the black clouds above my head part, and the sunshine come out.  A happy and “storm free” 4th to you and your animals!

On the practical side of things, animals are similar to people in that where dosage needs can be based upon size.  In my medium-sized dog I started with 1 dropper full and “double dosed for symptom relief” every 5 minutes until I noticed his shaking and needing to be pressed up against me was gone.  He was a 3 dropperful dog.  Cats are different.  Alcohol is a no-no for them, so I put a full dropper of the tincture in a shot glass of hot water and let it cool down.  Our formulations have such a small amount of alcohol in them to begin with that I find this solution very effective.  My cat needs ½ a dropperful of the dilution. I have used this formula preventatively with great success as well.  No one likes to see their loved ones quivering in fear.

For humans start with 2-4 droppers full, “double dose” (i.e. repeat) as necessary every 5 minutes until relief is obtained.  This formula can also be taken 1-3 times a day as a tonic.

 Happy 4th from WishGarden Herbal Remedies!

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Written by Carrie Pattison. 


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