Yerba Mansa / Cedar Free for Seasonal Pollen Distress

Flying pollen during seasonal transitions can provide a great inconvenience to those sensitive to nature’s bounty. For those affected, fast, effective relief generally comes over the counter by more conventional means. With Cedar Free, WishGarden Herbs is determined to provide similar results without the side effects associated with most mainstream offerings.

Pollinating Mountain Cedar Tree

Catherine Hunziker, owner and formulator at WishGarden Herbs, originally designed Cedar Free as a region-specific formula for the American central Southwest, and Texas specifically, where the pollen from Juniperus ashei, commonly known as mountain cedar, affects those who are very sensitive to its presence. Locals call this sensitivity “cedar fever”, which is what inspired the name Cedar Free.

Cedar Free contains a combination of herbs that immediately go to work on the body’s response to pollen exposure. Herbs such as: Nettle leaf, Echinacea root, Orange peel, Elder flower, Yerba Manza root, Horseradish root. The synergy of botanicals in Cedar Free is so effective because it aids in draining and tonifying the inflamed tissues where histamine explosions occur. The release of histamine is responsible for boggy, watery eyes and swollen, congested sinuses, ie. the things that make you feel terrible. The formula is very versatile and can also be used to calm the response to household dust and dander.

Yerba Mansa 

Yerba mansa, Anemopsis californica, is one of the star supporting herbs in Cedar Free. We use the roots of this plant which are very aromatic and spicy, characteristics which suggest volatile oil content. These volatile oils aid in breaking up sinus congestion. Yerba mansa has an ability to greatly benefit the health of mucous membranes, such as in the sinuses and nasal cavity. In herbal lingo we call Yerba mansa an astringent. Astringents reduce the discomfort of swollen membranes by shrinking and draining tissues. The reliability and capacity of Yerba mansa to support soft tissue has been known across its native southwest for generations; it has even been promoted as an analogue to the prized and endangered goldenseal by herbalist Michael Moore.

To have the best success with Cedar Free for allergies an aggressive dosing pattern is recommended. 30 to 60 drops every five minutes as needed until symptoms subside. This can be repeated four times in the span of 20 minutes. Sensitive immune systems can be at ease knowing that Wishgarden eco-medicinal formulas are all gluten free, organic, and non GMO.

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Written by Christina Bertelli.


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