Natural Products for Pregnancy & Beyond

Spring is the time of year when buds and babies bloom. Mothers are looking for natural ways to support the growth of their children in and out of utero.

WishGarden Herbal Remedies provides many supportive natural remedies for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. From tinctures to body care products, we care about the needs of mothers as they move through the transitions and changes that birthing brings.

Here are some suggestions that may enhance a Mother’s experience:

Calm-a-Tum for Morning Sickness … for nausea and morning sickness
Pregnancy Tea … nourishing and tonifying the uterus
Pregnant Belly Oil … keeps skin supple and minimizes stretch marks
Peri-massage Oil … helps to prepare the perineum to maximize elasticity
Herbal Iron … iron and absorption aid for anemia

Labor and Delivery
AfterEase … relaxes uterus to ease afterbirth pains
Smooth Transitions for Pregnancy  … eases experience of transition
AfterBirth Sitzbath … soothing the perineum
Cord Care … dries the newborn cord

ReBalance … hormone balancing and reintegration

Milk Rich… increases volume and quality of breast milk
New Mother’s Balm… soothing tissue repair for nipples
Happy Ducts … for plugged ducts and breasts infections

Teas for Pregnancy
Pregnancy Tea … nourishes and tonifies the uterus

We make several remedies that are essential for birth practitioners to carry to births. These and many other wellness supportive products can be found on at or give us a call at 1-(888)-301-2926.

Written by Prema Rose


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