The Unpredictability of Spring

Spring is an unpredictable season; our bodies and constitutions can take a beating. One day we can be basking in the warmth of the long awaited sun and the next, cold winter winds and snow chill our bones.

How can we protect ourselves from the seesaw of these waves? Many people experience cold symptoms that linger as the weather turns once again. Business establishments often kick on the air conditioning, adding to the stress that our bodies experience as they try to adjust. Children often have a harder time, with the demands of sports teams, who get out and play regardless of the precipitation.

This is also the time of year that many people are hit with the discomfort of allergies. These can be so debilitating and draining. Relief is sought and welcomed.

Many of our insect friends may not seem so friendly as spring moves into summer and we look for ways to protect ourselves from bites and heal the ones we do get.

Since our defenses can be down, we need to fortify our immune systems and include strengthening herbs to supplement a healthy diet and life style. Many of the WishGarden Herbs products are designed to give us these beneficial aids to support a healthy spring season.

We suggest that you include these products in your spring orders:

Adult remedies:
Kick-Ass Immune
Kick-Ass Allergy
Catnip Bug Spray
Cedar Free Allergy

Children’s remedies:
Kick-It Immune
Cold Season Symptoms for Kids
Kick-It Biotic

These and many other wellness supportive products can be found on our website.

Written by Prema Rose.


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